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Ravenscroft Crystal Revolution Decanter Set

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SKU W5087

Serve brandy, whiskey, scotch, bourbon, and cognac with style and a touch of drama. The Ravenscroft Crystal Revolution Decanter Set revolves, sways, and spins, adding a kinetic element to the pleasure of great spirits service! This lead-free crystal decanter, handmade in Europe, is the perfect gift for the spirits enthusiast. The hand-blown carafe is made to move, allowing spirits to breathe, amplifying their aromas, and enhancing their bouquets. The Ravenscroft Crystal Revolution Decanter Set is fitted with a hand-ground stopper, as all great crystal spirits decanters should be. Each decanter is packaged with two lead-free Ravenscroft Crystal Revolution Tumblers, made to impress your guests with the same rounded, rotating base design as the accompanying decanter.

Item No.: W5087. 

Revolution Decanter: Height: 7.75" | Width: 7.75" | Capacity: 26 ounces
Revolution Tumblers: Height: 4.75" | Width: 4" | Capacity: 7 ounces