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Dark & Stormy

This classic hails from Bermuda. Allegedly developed in the late 1800's and receiving its current name from a sailor just after WWI, the Dark & Stormy is a refreshing drink that will remind you of your trip to the island (or stoke your desire to go there if you haven't been). The official recipe calls for Gosling's - Black Seal rum; it's their recipe. So if you use some other dark rum you'll have to call it something else, maybe "stark & dormy" or "storms-a-brewin' " or whatever you can think of. 


  • 2 Oz. Dark Rum (preferably Gosling's - Black Seal)
  • 3-4 Oz. Ginger Beer
  • 1/2 Oz. Fresh squeezed lime juice (optional- but do it because it's good)
  • lime wheel or wedge for garnish

Pour the first three ingredients into a tall glass filled with ice. Stir, garnish with lime. Enjoy!

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